R.B. Wright Elementary School

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Task of the Month

  • Task of the Month

    Community Service

    Turn in completed form to your homeroom teacher.

    Be a Reading Mentor 

    *Please submit to your Homeroom Teacher

    Grades 3-5

    Be a reading mentor.


    1.      Talk to your homeroom teacher about becoming a reading mentor.

    2.      Choose a class you would like to help.

    3.      Select a student in that class you would like to mentor.

    4.      Schedule time to meet with student with a minimum of 3-20 minute sessions.

    5.      Reflect on and write a brief summary of the experience with your new friend.

    Grow up Healthy BINGO

    Turn in BINGO card to your homeroom teacher.


    STEM Family Project

    Make a Book

    Turn in project & reflection to your homeroom teacher.

    planning sheet, project, reflection